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May 2015 Issue

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Letter from the Editor

Camp Coverage

Camp Sessions
Which duration is right for your child?

Camp Directory
A look at leading day camps and summer programs.

Birthday Coverage

5 Party Ideas
For an unforgettable bash.

Birthday Directory
Party places and entertainers for the happiest of occasions.

Health & Fitness

SIDS Awareness
How you can help reduce the risk.

Special Needs

4 Keys to Communication
Ensure tech time doesn't replace talk time.


10 Tips for Cruising
Hit the high seas with kids in tow.

Managing Mood Swings
How to cope with ups and downs during pregnancy.


Birthday Blowout Contest

Mom's Little Angel Photo Contest


Work in Workouts
No time to go to the gym? No problem!

Feeling Good, Looking Good
Products and accessories to make your life extra fabulous.


Don't Miss
This month's entertainment, contests and activities.

Insight and items for your family’s care.

Destinations, product picks and getaway tips.

Essential products and information for your brood.


Calendar of Events
A comprehensive listing of your neighborhood's classes, events, activities, and performances.