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Letter from the Editor May 2012

Kayla Mossien

In the United States, there are an estimated 85.4 million mothers! Celebrate and pay homage to each of these women come Mother’s Day. Whether you’re a “Tiger” mom or follow a more laissez-faire style of parenting, we salute all that you do.

In honor of the May 13 holiday, this issue is packed with wisdom from successful working women on ways to better yourself, as well as balance your professional and personal lives.

For starters, flip to “Life after Full House” by associate editor Samantha Chan for celebrity Candace Cameron Bure’s take on having a successful career while being a mom. Although work continues to be a focal point for the star, family life remains her number 1 priority. “I love being a mother and to just be in charge of growing, training and loving three beautiful little people to be amazing adults who give back to the world.”

We also present the much anticipated Birthday Directory, a fitting addition, as giving birth starts the journey of motherhood. Whether your child is a toddler or has a few more candles on his cake, our list of leading party venues, entertainers and services in your area is sure to help you get the celebration started.

Looking for other ways to spend quality time with the family? Plan an East Coast getaway to any of the family-friendly locales spotlighted in “Fun at the Factory” by Mary Wheeler. Options include piano industry giant Steinway & Sons in Long Island City, New York, and Taza Chocolate’s manufacturing space in Somerville, Massachusetts.

And for insight on how to keep your little one focused amidst spring’s many distractions, check out “End the School Year with a Bang” by Alexandra Mayzler. The article provides ways to keep your scholar’s academic performance from waning as the warmer weather rolls in. Included in Mayzler’s piece are tips like “...start homework at the same time as always, but incorporate fun ways of completing assigned work. Move afterschool assignments outdoors or toss a ball outside during breaks.”

And moms, however you spend the month of May, be sure to spread the love and take a moment to congratulate yourself on the wonderful job you’re doing as a parent. You deserve it!

Kayla Mossien