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Letter from the Editor March 2012

Kayla Mossien

It seems like only yesterday that I first stepped through the large silver doors marked PARENTGUIDE News. Part of a new team of assistant editors, I was as eager as I was green. Luckily, the PG faculty welcomed me with a warmth that still resonates today.

After years of hard work, I find myself earnestly stepping into the hard-to-fill shoes of former editor Jenna Hammond. Along with the entire staff, I am thrilled to wish her well as she becomes a mother— yet another role in which she will undoubtedly succeed. Jenna has been an invaluable asset to this publication, and we are lucky to have her continued input from behind the scenes after she welcomes her baby boy!

As Jenna embarks on the next chapter of her life, I can’t help but think of family and the many things the word encompasses. Family holds a different meaning to each of us. For me, the term is two-fold. It includes the clan you are born or adopted into and the friends you choose. I am fortunate to have forged strong connections with my nuclear family, friends and co-workers. They have been my support system throughout the years.

You, too, may have varying thoughts on what family means. But no matter how different your definition is from the next person’s, one thing seems to ring true for us all: We want what’s best for our brood. Let the articles in this month’s issue help in achieving that feat. Head to our coveted Camp Directory to prepare your clan for the summer break ahead. Peruse the crème de la crème of local day camps, sleepaway camps and summer programs to provide your kids with a home away from home during their months off from school. Whether your tykes are athletes, artists or intellectuals, we’ve got their interests covered.

For those of you looking to please the picky eaters in your clan, we have delicious midday meal ideas in “What’s for Lunch?” by Will Aguila, M.D. The read addresses everything from child obesity rates to ways to ensure your kids are eating healthy fare.

As you let me into your homes each month through the pages of PARENTGUIDE News, I am excited to become a part of your lives. Tell me how I am doing at providing you with an unrivaled depth of information that encourages your family to thrive, as well as keeping you abreast of today’s pressing parenting issues. I look forward to embarking on this continued journey together!

Enjoy the issue,

Kayla Mossien