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March 2012 Issue

Cover credit: Laken and Lila by Rena Durham Photography

Letter from the Editor

Camp Coverage

Choosing a Camp
Myths and facts for the perfect match.

Camp Directory
A look at leading summer programs, along with health and special needs spotlights.

Health & Fitness

What’s for Lunch?
Preparing children a nutritious midday meal.

Special Needs

Decoding Dyslexia
The essentials for understanding reading and writing difficulties.

Speech Struggles
Why kids stutter and what to do about it.


The Beauty of Tears
Accepting that children cry as a coping mechanism.

Study Sessions
The fundamentals of instilling good homework habits.

Fashionable Finds
Spring threads that help kids look their best.

Your Community

Long Island
Coping with Childhood Cancer
Providing critically ill kids with a support system.

Call to Action
Better healthcare for you and your family.

New Jersey
Books for All
Putting reading materials in the hands of underprivileged kids.

Volunteering with a Vision
Helping a new children’s museum become reality.


Eyes of March Photo Contest

Birthday Blowout


Friendship and Laughter
The main ingredients for a successful ladies’ night.

Feeling Good, Looking Good
Items to make your life more holistic and extra chic.


Don't Miss
This month's entertainment, contests and activities.

Accessories, essentials and information for your clan.

Around Town
The latest news on local schools and businesses.


What's Happening
A comprehensive listing of your neighborhood's classes, performances and events.