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Letter from the Editor July 2013

Rachel Kalina

Lemonade and laughter, sea salt and sunny days, the perks of summer lend a lightness to our lives. July puts us smack in the middle of the warm, wonderful season, and many families take this time to travel while bonding. A recent trip with my husband opened our eyes to a plethora of West Coast environs. We flew, hiked, and drove from Washington’s evergreen forests, mysterious mountains, and surreal lakes to California’s enchanting hills, ancient redwoods, and turquoise sea beaches.

Cultivate your family’s curiosity about the world by dedicating your next venture to a worthy cause. In Linda Stuart’s “Give-Back Getaway,” discover how she and her child fostered friendships in Mexico and helped a local community. The guide to worldwide volunteering offers a range of possibilities to suit your kin’s preferences. You don’t have to journey far to give your child valuable learning experiences. David Perlmutter, M.D., ABIHM, suggests that families can enrich their offspring’s potential for learning in “Brain Power.” Perlmutter poses that a healthy dose of play, creativity, and physical activity encouraged by parents helps little ones thrive. As a bonus, you can kickstart your child’s creativity right away with the prompts in Doreen Diorio’s “Home Is Where The Art Is.”

If your child is having a difficult time achieving full potential, a mental disorder could be the cause. Henry A. Paul, M.D., helps us recognize when a psychiatric evaluation may be appropriate in “Pediatric Mental Disorders.”

Parents, make sure to take “me time” in between all of your familial adventures. Whether you have mere seconds or minutes to spare, you’ll be glad you clicked on our brand-new blog: The Sandbox Social. Enjoy mommy musings with a twist of humor, show bloggers your appreciation in the comments section, and submit your own posts for consideration.

Since this revolutionary month starts with a bang, check our calendars for the best spots see Fourth of July fireworks. While you’re out and about, take a pic and and submit the snapshot to our Summer Fun Photo Contest.

Though months have passed, many families are still deeply affected by Hurricane Sandy. Homes and boardwalks are slowly being rebuilt where possible, bringing signs of hope to many who continue to be displaced. On your next trip to your favorite beach, keep this month’s themes of giving back and enriching lives in your heart.

Look around and see how your family can help strengthen the community and keep it a place to which you can joyfully return year after year.

Wishing you sunny skies ahead,

Rachel Kalina