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April 2010 Issue

Cover credit: Moby Goby by Company Kids

Letter from the Editor

Playing Games and Making Friends at Camp
How play fosters friendships.

Camp Directory
Plan for summertime bliss with these children's programs.


Organic From the Get-Go
Why to consider an eco-conscious lifestyle for baby.

Why a Diagnosis in Kids is Key
A look at diagnosing and treating bipolar disorder.

Food Factors
How diet affects ADHD.

How to Grow Green Kids
Family activities that teach children to conserve.

Sons and Diapers
Essentials for potty training boys.

Struggling to Conceive?
Get in the know about fertility.

Your Community

Long Island
Are You Aware of CMV?
How this dangerous virus can affect babies.

If You Give a Kid a Play
How one theater company provides unforgettable experiences.

New Jersey
Classic Children's Theater
A local stage serves as a creative outlet for kids

Giving Back
Young volunteers get more than just experience.


Feeling Good, Looking Good
A brilliant beauty find and fashion that’s ready to wear.

The Skin You're In
Debunking ugly acne myths.


Don't Miss
This month's events, contests and entertainment.

Around Town
Find out the latest news on local schools and businesses.

Insight and items for your family’s healthcare needs.

In Season
Enjoy all of April's offerings.


Special Needs and Health & Fitness Directory
Experts and resources for your family's care and wellness.

What's Happening
A comprehensive listing of your neighborhood's classes, performances and events.