Travel September 2014

Destinations, product picks and getaway tips.

Donald McDermott

Designed to take the place of at least three items in your diaper bag, the 7- in-1 Pumpkin Wrap Nursing Cover is a unique, mom-invented way to keep your travel routine safe and light.

Indulge in hours of old-fashioned family fun with stunning puzzles from Paper House Productions. These out-of-the-box creations offer the perfect way to stimulate young minds just in time for the new school year.

The season may have changed, but beautiful accommodations, luxurious treatment, and all the elements of a summer- style getaway await at 21 Broad, a totally renovated 27-room boutique hotel in Nantucket, MA.

Go globetrotting with Whole Wide World 2, a wonderful app for kids that takes them to 15 international lands through geography, history, and culture-based puzzles and activities.

Cross the pond and see some of the United Kingdom's most historic trains, beautiful landscapes and unforgettable heritage sites on a Railroad Ramble at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, just a short ride away in Stratsburg.

This column appeared in the September 2014 issue.