Travel February 2014

Destinations, product picks and getaway tips.

Jordan Brueckner

Caribbean Destination

Escape from winter's chill this season at the new Blue Haven Resort and Marina. Located in beautiful Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, this luxury property has spectacular indoor and outdoor venues, crystal blue water, and white sand beaches. Take the whole family scuba diving and snorkeling in this slice of paradise. For more information about a getaway to the Blue Haven Resort and Marina, visit

No Wi-Fi Need Apply

Are you tired of your musical mood being interrupted by an endless stream of commercials? Then it's time to switch over to Rdio's ad-free, on-demand music service, offering thousands of stations and more than 20 million songs. The Rdio app is compatible with your phone and computer, available offline, and it swiftly integrates your iTunes and social media preferences. Visit for uninterrupted, exclusive musical content today.

Urban Stroll

Calling all city mothers! The Urbo2 from Mamas & Papas is an unique stroller designed specifically for parents with an urban lifestyle. Easily navigate through streets, crowds, and busy stores with the stroller's all-round wheel suspension. Look stylish and feel confident in your child's safety with the new Urbo2, procurable at

Portable Fun

Have your child avoid dirt and germs while you travel with the new Monkey Mat. This lightweight mat offers your child a safe place to play on any hotel or airport floor, as well as during outside adventures. It's now possible to get rid of those bulky blankets because this 5-by-5-foot mat easily tucks into your diaper bag. For more information on the Monkey Mat, visit

Sip'n Go!

The Sip'n is the perfect device for preventing spills during air and car travel. This latest trend in baby and toddler feeding controls the transit of food to the mouth with it's silicone top. Compatible with all food pouches, this product is comfortable and bite friendly. Say, "Goodbye," to ruined car interiors and messy airplane seats with the

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