Health April 2013

The latest healthcare options for your clan's well-being.

Donald McDermott

Breathe Right All Night

With spring in full swing, you may need some helpful humidity to tame allergies. Fight symptoms with the Oskar and William Humidifiers from Stadler Form. Both are energy efficient, powerful and quiet so as not to disturb sleep time. With an automatic shut-off option, the products are safe for adults and children. For more details or to purchase, visit

Knowing Nutrition

Getting picky eaters to choose wisely can be difficult. Here to help is Freekeh Foods, meals based on an all-natural grain designed to improve whole grain intake in children’s diets. Freekeh Foods is high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and can be cooked into an array of dishes. Learn more at Find the product at Whole Foods and Wegmans.

Happy Skin

Tired of blotchy or messy sunscreen application that leaves you feeling unprotected from the sun? Adventuress Sunscreen Swipes has you covered. Get protected from UVA and UVB rays with an easy and clean wipe-on process. To protect skin during the warmer months ahead, log onto

Eating Right

The Digest Diet Cookbook (Readers Digest) is perfect for people looking to change their lifestyle. The book provides quick and easy meals that fit everyone’s needs, from dairy-free diets, to vegetarian fare and additional meals. Readers enjoy creative ideas for leftovers and shortcuts to quicken cooking time in the kitchen. Get started on your path to a wholesome diet at

Allergy-Free Life

Mother and founder of Thoughtful Food Inc., Jennifer Bielawski created food products free of gluten, sugar and most lactose in response to her children’s food allergies. Giddy Up & Go Granola is a USDA-certified, gluten-free and organic product. Nutritional, dairy-free and vegan, the snack can be part of a smart and healthy diet for children and adults. To view more products, go to The line is also is available at Whole Foods.

Keep Mom Kickin’

It’s important for nursing mothers to get back the vitamins and calories they burn while feeding their kin. Divine Mama Bars are a perfect option to ensure the restoration of needed nutrients. To buy these tasty treats, visit

Dance Off Calories

Looking to shed pounds? Try Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body DVDs. They’re suitable for people on all different fitness levels so you experience a great workout that goes beyond a simple cardio routine. Target trouble areas like the tummy or backside in an hour or less. Learn more at

Girls Going Strong

An inspirational and motivational story for young women is Jennifer Manghisi’s A Sarcastic Guide to Beating Breast Cancer (Booktango). Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24, the author share how she fought and overcame breast cancer. Through the book, she hopes to express how women ages 35 and younger diagnosed with breast cancer should know they are not alone. Manghisi uses her story to instruct others how on to persevere and never give up during their own struggle. Find the title at

Keep Clean

You can never be too clean or too careful when it comes to cell phones, iPads or other touch-screen devices. A chemical-free, reusable cloth that removes 98 percent of all bacteria, GoSwype reduces exposure to germs and prevents contamination. With one wipe, eliminate dirt and oils to keep harmful elements at bay. Find details at

Springtime Snacks

Enjoy the sweet, tangy taste of tangerines as the weather warms with Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit Tangerines. Perfect for snacking, Crispy Fruit Tangerines are made of real fruit, adding nutrients to your daily diet. To purchase, go to

This column appeared in the April 2013 issue.