Jenny Gensterblum

Jenny Gensterblum, or Chef Jenny as her students call her, has developed a program at Léman Manhattan Preparatory School that focuses on balanced nutrition, and, most importantly, flavorful cuisine for school-age children. She firmly believes that eating habits established during childhood last a lifetime. Gensterblum also published her own cookbook, Secret Sauce, which features recipes that Léman students enjoy daily. Check out the cookbook at . For more information regarding Léman Manhattan, visit

Recipes by Jenny Gensterblum

  • Portobello Mushroom Parmesan A light breading gives the mushrooms a nice crunch and is a great way to get your children to like mushrooms, if they donít already. This dish is light, but so outrageously satisfying you might want to make double.
  • Nut-Free Pesto This recipe has a wholesome balance of crunchy chickpeas (in place of traditional pine nuts), sweet fresh basil and bright, refreshing lemon. Itís a quick and easy side dish or main dish. The pesto can be used to toss with hot or cold pasta, or drizzled over chicken, fish and veggies. Try substituting all or part of the basil with fresh spinach or arugula leaves for a new and unique pesto.